More Fun Through Volunteering!

Have more fun and give back to your Barony with your time and your talents! There are so many ways you can help out! For instance:

Volunteer at Large

We always need people to help out with things both big and small. Perhaps you can come early to one of the meetings and set up the tables. IF you enjoy painting or calligraphy, you could help paint or pen a scroll. Even if you only have only a little time to spare, there is probably something you can do to help. Contact the Seneschal for more information.


Ursulmas Largess
Ursulmas Largess

Do you have a skill for making things? The Barony can always use largess (hand-made gift) items to use as thank you gifts to volunteers passed through Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, or Their Excellencies. Largess can be as simple as or as ornate as you can make them. If you can create beautiful or functional period tools or gifts, then you can make largess!

Ladies in Waiting and the Baronial Retinue

Are you interested in joining in the pomp and circumstance at an event? Her Excellency is looking for ladies of the Barony who would like to join her retinue. Whether it’s for an entire event or just an hour or two, this is a great way to learn more about the Barony and to help the Coronets get their jobs done.

Help out Officers

All the Baronial officers need assistance at times and they would welcome your help. Contact the officers directly to find out what they need and how you can help.

Volunteer at Events

Gate at Ursulmas 2014
Gate at Ursulmas 2014

Our events can always use help! Volunteer at Gate or help provide water to fighters. Remember that it’s not only major events that need volunteers; you can help out at the meetings, fight practices, and guild events as well. Contact the Seneschal or the particular Guild leader for details.

Submit an Event Bid

We will be working on event specific information for autocrats, but it is still a project in the making.  In the meantime, please check out  It has event bid checklists, the An Tir Event Stewards Handbook, contact information to speak to experienced autocrats and a number of other tools, including a calculator for how many biffies (portable toilets) you need.  If you have any questions or would like copies of previous year’s event reports, please contact the Seneschal or the Exchequer.

Officer Openings

We always have need for people to participate as officers. This is a great way to serve the Barony. Most of these positions you can learn as you go, either by volunteering as an unofficial deputy or learning on the job from the current or previous officer.

If you are interested in learning more about who the officers are and what they do, visit the Officer’s page or contact the Seneschal for more details.