Ursulmas Information for SCA Members

Gate Fees & Locations

Ursulmas is $25 per adult ($5 member discount applies) for the weekend or $20 for one day ($5 member discount applies). Seniors (60+) or military with valid ID are $20 for the weekend or $15 for one day ($5 member discount applies). Children 17 and under are free. You can pre-register and get more information on the General Information page.

Ursulmas occupies two main buildings: the Evergreen Speedway Grandstands housing Gate, the Marketplace and Village of Ursulwyck; the main Arena shall be for combat and those A&S displays not in the Evergreen Speedway Grandstands.

Gate will be located in the Evergreen Speedway Grandstands building, while all pre-reg/paid guests may enter the Combat Arena separately, without going through the Grandstands gate first. All typical gate procedures will be maintained. Entry thereafter to all activities and buildings by showing your site token.

See info on the Combat Arena’s direct access for the Armor Drop on Saturday.

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All waivers must be signed before entry into any of the venues or activities.

All SCA minor waiver and medical authorization rules apply.

Forms located for your convenience here:

Please make sure to fill out both waivers before arrival with minors to ensure smooth entry to the Faire.

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Hours of Faire Operation

January 27th
January 28th
January 29th
SCA Hours 3pm – Midnight 8 am – 6 pm 8 am – 5 pm
Public Hours 9 am – 6 pm 9am – 5 pm

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Nothing happens without you!

Ursulmas is a gargantuan event on par with many of An Tir’s Crown-level events. Our guest totals average about 1400–1600 people through the door in a single weekend. We always need a few folks willing to add a few hours of assistance in Gate, water bearing, field heraldry, lists, parking, setup & tear down.

If you believe you can offer some of your time to help out, contact us at ursulmas-volunteers@aquaterra.antir.sca.org. We thank you in advance for your help!

Where Can You Help Out?

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Armor Drop

Armor drop will be at the North doors.

Access to the Armor Drop doors will be limited to pre-reg/paid attendees who can check in at the north door and proceed to drop gear or those who show a Site Token.

Doors open at 8 am, and close promptly at 10:30 am with armor inspection completing at 11 am.

Those who enter the Grandstands Gate by 10 am may also use the Armor Drop by showing their site token upon arrival at the North doors. Pre-reg/paid intake will close at the North doors after 10:30 am – Site Tokens required.


Information and forms for pre-registration are available on the Ursulmas General Information page.

Confirm your pre-reg/payment. Our prereg and gate staff will confirm all preregistered/paid attendees by email or mail if you provided a SASE.

If you have questions regarding your pre-reg/payment confirmation, contact gate-prereg@ursulmas.org.

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On Site Accomodations

The Ursulmas Staff wish to accommodate all our guess in the best way possible. We have several opportunities for use of the Sleeping Hall, we have RV camping and there are several hotels and restaurants in the City of Monroe. We hope to have this information available as soon as possibly.

Sleeping Space

For your convenience, Ursulmas offers a free on-site, crash-space building called the Sleeping Hall. Space is limited so reservations are highly recommended.

Please submit your name and # in your party to: Sleeping Hall Coordinator or complete this information on the Pre-Registration documents

While the Sleeping Hall is free, we do ask that all who register also volunteer for fire watch duty per directions of the SnoCo Fire Marshal. We need at least one hour per person so the hall is covered at all times and no one person is left sitting this duty all day or night.

RV Reservations

RV Spaces are limited and need to be pre-registered. RV spaces are available by pre-registration only!

Spaces with power will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no water hookups.

No power: $20 per night

With power: $25 per night

Please email the RV Coordinator for your reservations.

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Hospitality Program

Below you will find a list of businesses in Monroe, WA, that have agreed to give our members discounts on their services during Ursulmas. Members need only show their membership card or to mention they are with the Ursulmas medieval faire to receive the discount.

Evergreen Inn and Suites

Best Western

Ixtapa Family Mexican Restaurant

Alfy’s Pizza has a 50% off discount, both in-store and delivery, if you mention Ursulmas

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Site Rules for SCA participants

  • Space is limited near the list fields, reserved spaces will be prioritized for visiting Baronies first. Please note: space on the eric is very limited and is available on a first come first served basis. Baronies are encouraged to combine forces and share.
  • Per Fire Marshall Regulations all Pavilions must be made of Fire Retardant Material and tagged appropriately, this means no Nylon Pop Ups
  • Site rules shown on the Faire Rules apply to all SCA attendees also

Please remember the values our society holds:

  1. Treat your inferiors in rank, knowledge, or experience in the society as if they were your equals; treat your equals as if they were your superiors; treat officers as representatives of the King; and treat the King and Queen with the reverence due your sovereigns.
  2. Use medieval forms of address
  3. Be faithful to your lord and your word
  4. Gentlemen, honour all ladies
  5. Ladies, be worthy of that honour
  6. Touch no man’s goods unasked; give and receive with grace
  7. Be gentle to the stranger
  8. Raise your sword, not your voice
  9. Let the slain man tell if he be slain
  10. Reverence the King and Queen

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