Living History at the Ursulmas Medieval Faire

Walk through the Gate of the Ursulmas Medieval Faire and experience the Medieval Village of Ursulwyck. You will be welcomed into the house and see how the people lived. Then tour the village and encounter skilled crafts-people as they create wondrous and useful items of everyday life in the middle ages.

Visit the tailor’s shop, the apothecary, the Moneyers, and the Scribes. Watch practiced hands create everything from glass beads and wood carvings to woven goods and needlework. Maybe sit a spell in the Publick House or join others as they play games that span the ages. You may also borrow some Medieval clothes as you enjoy your day with us—-our Newcomer Guide (Chatelaine) will help you.

The Ursulwyck medieval village will be located in the Grandstands building; the same building where with the Gate where you pay your entrance fee and pick up your site token.

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