Aquaterra Champions takes place August 24-26, 2018.

Greetings Good People of Aquaterra,

For the upcoming Champion’s event, to be held on the weekend of August 24th, we would like to receive Letters of Intent from the entrants in all disciplines.
The Letter of Intent can be delivered to us prior to the event or when the entrants present themselves in morning Court.

We will call up the entrants for each discipline to present themselves to us and to those present.
We will award extra points to those who make use of period techniques, make use of excellent creativity, or entertain in the execution of their Letter of Intent.

We will allow entrants from outside the Barony as long as they intend to carry out the duties of a Champion should they be successful in claiming that title.

We look forward to seeing a grand turn-out of entrants to show off the skills of our populace and neighboring friends.

 - Baron Bryson & Baroness Angharad