Boar’s Hunt / All Champions

Boar’s Hunt / All Champions 2015: June 26 – 28, 2015

Hail An Tir!

The Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County) invites one and all to join our most noble Coronets, mighty SteinolfHE Steinolf Ketilsson and gracious SinedinHE Sinéidin inghean an Bhiadhtaigh in two of our most acclaimed events Boar’s Hunt and All Champions!

It is time, once again, for Aquaterra’s All Champions competitions. Heavy Armored Combat, Arts and Sciences, Rapier, Bardic, Games, Archery, and more!

However, in visiting the beautiful grounds on which we hold our Championships, we have found an abundance of wildlife has taken hold since last summer. Given the beauty of our Barony, and the mild winter, who can blame them for claiming the grounds? But, we will need to do some ‘cleaning’….and so…

We need to hold a Hunt! The stags and bears are difficult enough, but the Boar, that crafty beast, he needs to go….

So join us for Boar’s Hunt and All Champions 2015, at the Masonic Family Park, in Granite Falls WA, June 26-28.

Also to be found over the course of this fabulous weekend will be a Kids’ Scavenger Hunt, a Largesse Dirty Dozen competition, a multitude of merchants, a silent auction, a potluck Tavern evening, and more!

Hunt Results from AS XLIX

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