Canton of Bearwood

The Canton of Bearwood is a small canton set in the south- east of Snohomish County.

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Canton of Bearwood Officers

Upcoming Canton Meetings and Events

Lunar New Year Tea – Year of the Red Monkey

Please join us for the annual Lunar New Year Tea February 20th at the Monroe Masonic Hall in the feast hall.

  • Every second Thursday Canton Business meeting 7:30 PM
  • Every fourth Thursday Canton Social and new comers 7:30 PM
  • Every second Saturday Canton Arts & Sciences classes and support 12:00 noon

Any special Arts & Sciences classes will be announced as soon as scheduled, usually 6-8 weeks in advance.

Regularly scheduled events are Lunar New Year Tea, usually within the two week span the celebrations cover and Pre-hibernation Feast in the Fall.

As the meetings locations are under review, please contact Her Ladyship Louisa Ralston

Previous Canton Events

String Theory Ithra and Pre-Hibernation Feast