Banner War

The rumble and groan of nascent anger grows again; rivalries and grievances old and new must rise and be vented on the shimmering heat of the field. The horns call your name! The thrum of your blood in your ears beats in answer; your rivals should be taught to hear its song.

Bring your sons and daughters and show them the power that is their birthright! Show those who follow in your prints what it means to be born of your blood! But when the ardor of the battlefield at last cools in the dusk, remember these are brothers, by better than blood. Sheathe the heralds of death and take back your cup and plate; light roaring fires, bring gifts and tales; clasp again the hands of neighbors in boasts of what has been, and toasts to what shall be!

Come all households to the Masonic Park on the weekend of September 11th – 13th.

All household must declare themselves at Opening Court with a donation to the war chest. Also, it is expected that each house has a banner or some way to distinguish itself.

Gather your house, bring your banner and we will see you soon!


Arts and Sciences

War Activities

Largess Challenge

Medieval Cooking

YAC Torchlight Tourney

  • Come support your YAC fighters in the traditional Torchlight Tourney

Banner War 2013Banner War Challenges

There are war points in many disciplines.

Event Details

Event Team:

Niali Thorin (mka Phil Hamlin)
Skallagrim Grimkjellson (mka Tristån Erickson)

RV Reservations: Call Baroness Arianne at 425-778-2359 (no calls after 9pm) or email More Banner War Reservations info


Weekend: $20 for Adults, $0 for Youth
Day: $10 for Adult, $0 for Youth

No charge for children 17 and under.

(Non Member Surcharge of US $5 applies to all adult non-members).

Make checks payable to Barony of Aquaterra, SCA Inc.

Site: Masonic Family Park, 24310 Mountain Loop Hwy, Granite Falls, WA 98252.
General Site Hours: Site opens to populous at 3pm on Friday and closes at 5pm on Sunday.

As is our custom, we will send a work party to commit hours of service maintaining and preparing the site later in the season. This is an important part of our relationship with our hosts at this site, and contributes directly to the success of our events here! Site assistants who come in early and help with setup will be chosen from participants in the work party. Further details will be made available when they become known.


The Banner War event team are pleased to announce the schedule for this year’s Banner War!

(This may change at any time at Event team’s discretion for space and time constraints.)
Updated September 1, 2015 with changes to Rapier and Cut and Thrust.

12:00 pm: Gate opens for merchants
3:00 pm: Gate opens for everyone
8:00 pm: Coronets’ Social – Peterson Building
8:00 am: Gate opens
10:00 am: Opening Court. Competing armies must present themselves!
Immediately after Opening Court: Armor Inspection followed by Warfield events (Heavy and Rapier)
Rapier Tournament
(Rapier fighters will also fight in the last Woods and Field Warfield battles)
A&S – Peterson Building
Largesse items to be displayed for voting – Peterson Building
Ithra Classes TBA – Kitchen Building ß Specifics are coming – Ithra has this building until 3pm
Archery Competition – Archery Range
Vox-Off – Court Amphitheatre (including youth)
1:00 pm: Cut & Thrust Champions Tournament
Children’s Scavenger Hunt – YAC Pavilion
Thrown Weapons Competition – Throwing Range
3:00 pm: Diamond Tournament (Heavy/Rapier)
Culinary Competition – Kitchen Building
Atlatl Throw
5:00 pm: Children’s Scavenger Hunt and Largesse Competitions close
Youth Armored Combat inspection and fitting begin
Largesse competition closes
6:00 pm: Evening Court, Gate Closes
7:00 pm: Potluck Inn opens – Kitchen Building
8:00 pm: Youth Armored Combat Torchlight Tournament – YAC Pavilion
9:00 pm: Bardic Competition – fire circle near Merchant’s Row
12:00 am: Inn closes
8:00 am: Gate Opens
10:00 am: Archery and Thrown Ranges Open ß Specific start and end times are coming for these
Ithra: Silk Dye – Kitchen Building
Ithra: Lampwork beadmaking – Kitchen Building
Scribal Competition – Kitchen Building
Games Competition – Bocce Ball
2:00 pm: Closing Court
5:00 pm: Site Closes

Minors at Banner War

Are you bringing minors to Banner War? You should! To make it easier on everyone involved, I thought I would post a reminder about the rules.

The SCA requires that you keep your kids within your sight and sound. If you are going to have anybody other than their legal parent or guardian watching a child, or if you are bringing somebody else’s minor to the event, you need to complete two copies of the Medical Minor Waiver, one to be kept at Gate and one to be kept on the child at all times. The bottom of the form has the details, including what ID is needed.

So, having friends share the load of watching the kids in camp? Here’s the loophole to still make the SCA happy!

Merchant Information from the Merchant Steward

Merchant Steward: Lady Sabina di Zorzi

Merchant fee: Donation to War Chest

Electrical hookups are limited and available by reservation only. There is a $10 charge per night that is payable directly to the Masons at their gate. They will be the ones unlocking it for you.

Gate opens for merchants at Noon. Please provide us with a list of names of those persons you wish to have on site before 3 pm. Gate will be open, but gate fee payment and admittance to site will be limited to those who appear on your list. All other helpers must wait to pay their gate fee and receive admittance until the gate opens at 3 pm for the general populace.

Banner War 2013Please send an e-mail with your name, your business name, briefly what you sell, booth frontage and depth, the names of those that you will need to have on the early entry list, and if you will be using electricity.

Please note that there will not be any vehicles or RVs parked on merchant’s row during the event except approved staff support vehicles. If you have ADA needs, please advise us as soon as possible so we can do our best to make arrangements; though please understand we are limited in our options.

The site is small so the number of participating merchants is limited. Register ASAP to assure that you will have a place.

Fire Policy for Banner War at the Masonic Family Campground

We were worried because Granite Falls sprouted a bunch of signs that said “Burn ban, county-wide, all September.”

It turns out that the burn ban doesn’t apply to the Park. It’s rained recently, which helps a lot with establishing Park standards for fire safety.


  • Campfires in firepits: Totally fine. No bonfires, keep sizes reasonable.
  • Cooking stoves: Totally fine. Keep them raised off the ground.
  • Braziers: Cleared space around the spot, as if it were a raised firepit.
  • Loose/open fires: Of course not. This is just here to be thorough.
  • Smoking: In encampments or the designated area by Merchants’ Row. Marshalls Gideon and/or Eagle can designate a new area for the fighters if combat takes place too far away.
  • Torchlight Tournament: Fire extinguishers on hand.

Of course, as a matter of basic safety, everyone should keep fire extinguishers on hand in your camps anyway. J

The site will not have firewood for us, so we’re still all bringing our own.