Barony of Aquaterra

Art of War

Art of War

Welcome to Art of War VII

aow-fighterWe are a go! Rapier track! Marshaling track! Archery too! War support and WAR!

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Art of War Schedule

FYI – Important News for Participants!

What constitutes “Adult” for this event since the law is different between US and Canada?  Kingdom Seneschal says the rules depend on the location of the event. If 18 from BC coming to Art of War you are treated as adults in the US.

Do I need to bring my “Authorization Card”? Since this is a published event, every fighter must have an authorization card.

  • If you are from out of Kingdom, you must have a current one on your person – also send copy with Registration
  • If you reside in An Tir, ideally you will have current paperwork, but we can do renewals on site. (In fact, even if you have a current card, and are not in the database we are going to have you do new paperwork onsite to correct that fact.)

If someone is coming who has not yet been authorized at all in armored or rapier combat, then they need to contact Maestra Althaia filia Lazari before the event so she can make sure that is taken of first thing Friday morning.

Since the Kingdom Armored Marshal and Central Regional Armored Marshal are instructors, we can authorize minors in armored combat as long as their ACTUAL parent or legal guardian is on site. (No “suitable adult” substitutions for this purpose.)

Art of War