Ursulmas Living History

The Village of Ursulwyk

Walk through the Gate of the Ursulmas Medieval Faire and don the costumes of the ages. Walk among the similarly dressed and encounter skilled crafts-people in the Village of Ursulwyck as they create wondrous and useful items of everyday life in the middle ages.

Gold Key where you can get a costume for the day!Watch practiced hands create everything from glass beads and wood carvings, to needle work and domestic crafts. Maybe sit a spell or be a spectator while others play games that span the ages.

Some experience the opportunity to try their hand at the arts themselves, as there will be displays of historical information, actual demonstrations and discussions on the techniques being exercised in making some of the display items and objects of the medieval life.

Included within the same building as the Village of Ursulwyck shall be the Ursulmas Marketplace, a plethora of merchants who travel far and wide to provide medieval recreationists with handcrafted clothing, household goods, coveted textiles and trims. Everyone is looking for that marvelous must-have object from our favorite time and place. The Marketplace booths shall be intermixed with the displays and demonstrations of Ursulwyck to provide a delight for the senses and many opportunities for interesting conversation!

Beer Garden

Have you ever walked of the field all hot and sweaty just dreaming of a cold one to wash away the battle dust? For the second year, the Speedway will be opening a Beer Garden highlighting local Makers of Beer, Wine, and Meads at moderate prices. Consumption of said beverages will be limited to the interior of the Beer Garden.

Medieval Cooking

Medieval Kitchen I would like to invite you all to come play with the Aquaterra Culinary Guild at Ursulmas. We will be in the A&S village of Ursulwyck. Our presentation is called "A Look into a Medieval Kitchen"; an interactive display of common kitchen equipment and utensils, basic foodstuffs/pantry staples and how food was processed, cooked, and served.

For SCA Participants

Interested display and demonstrators should contact ursulwyck@ursulmas.org

Interested in merchanting? Contact merchants@ursulmas.org