Barony of Aquaterra

Baronial Coronet Successors Announced!

His Lordship Bryson MacLachlan and his wife Duchess Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd

His Lordship Bryson MacLachlan and his wife Duchess Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd

Good People of Aquaterra, the news has arrived at last. Their Majesties have selected HL Bryson MacLachlan & Duchess Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd to succeed us as the next Baron & Baroness of Aquaterra – vivant!

We thank Their Majesties for their careful consideration in choosing the couple to carry Aquaterra forward. Please help us help our heirs prepare for a smooth transition, which will take place in Their Majesties final Court at July Coronation in Midhaven.

Congratulations to Bryson & Angharad!

Baroness Sineidin inghean an Bhiadtaigh & Baron Steinolf Ketilsson

Lady Affrika the Strong

It is with a heavy, mournful heart that I write this.  Yesterday, we lost Lady Affrika the Strong.  For those who have not seen the posts on Facebook, her family said that late Thursday night, she went into cardiac arrest and passed away yesterday afternoon surrounded by loved ones.

It is an incredible shock to lose somebody as vibrant, willful, giving, and inspiring as Affrika.  My heart goes out to her family and loved ones, and I am grateful to Affrika for being a part of my life.

We will be postponing tonight’s Ithra class at the Social.  Instead we will have the evening to remember our friend Affrika and lean on each other.

In sorrow,

Lady Sabina di Zorzi
Barony of Aquaterra

Welcome to Aquaterra

Warm greetings to friends and visitors! We, the gentle populace of Aquaterra, invite you to come and explore our enchanted land of water, mountains and meadows. Share in the camaraderie of delightful music and dance, games, fine food and brews, chivalrous combat, and all things medieval. We re-enact the Middle Ages as they should have been. Peruse these pages for activities, meetings and events.

Boars Hunt/All Champions Return Storage Run

The return storage run is Wed July 8, at 7pm. I could use the help of a couple able bodied people to help unload the baronial trailer.

Please let me know if you are coming, so I can wait for you.

Yvette du Coeur

Head of Costumer’s Guild, Barony of Aquaterra
Chamberlain, Barony of Aquaterra

Yvette du Coeur
Per fess purpure and vert, on a heart argent in pale a triquetra vert and a triquetra inverted purpure conjoined.

Scribal at Social

Greetings to the Barony.

I will not be able to attend the social as a scribe this month; a memorial for a very close friend of mine will be happening that evening at the same time. I will, however, ensure that there are bookmarks printed out and sent along with someone, so that people may take those home and begin to play with them.

If you’d like more of a taste of scribal, I will be at the Newcomer’s Meeting, and hopefully July Coronation!

Thank you,
Fáelán na hInnsi

July Social – dance practice!

Come to Social and learn to dance the English Country dance (i.e. it’s easy!) “Hole in the Wall”, or review it if you already know it – we understand it will be opening dance at the July Coronation Ball, following evening court.

If there’s time, we can also review other dances that are on the list.

The Social Night is held at the Snohomish Boys & Girls Club
402 2nd Street
Snohomish, WA 98290

Tuesday July 7, 7-9pm

Soelig Sweteglee,
Dance Minister

New Officer Commentary

Greetings Aquaterra!

As announced at several business meetings, Kitsume’s term as Scribal Officer is long over, but she has been training Fáelán na HInnsi to be her replacement. Fáelán has now officially applied for the position! It was announced at the business meeting tonight, but we wanted to get this out to everyone.

Here is the process for Officer replacements:
There will be a private polling over the next seven days of the Admin Council, which consists of the Coronets and the officers holding offices mandatory to maintaining Aquaterra’s status as a Barony (greater officers), and their deputies, per the current customary. If you would like to show support for the candidate, or have any concerns, please contact any one of these officers off list, myself included, and we will be sure your thoughts are taken into consideration, or you can contact the Coronets directly.

As a reminder, the seven greater officers are: Seneschal, Herald, Master of Stables, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Chatelaine, Exchequer, and Chronicler. Their e-mail addresses can be found on the barony’s website. The job description is also on the Barony’s website.

This polling will end at the end of the day next Tuesday, July 7th, after which Their Excellencies will make Their decision.

In service,
Lady Sabina di Zorzi
Barony of Aquaterra

posted by Duchess Angharad on behalf of Lady Sabina

July Coronation Baronial Changeover Processionals

Greetings to the good people of Aquaterra,

Baron Steinolf and Baroness Sineidin would invite all of the populace of Aquaterra to accompany them on their journey into the Royal Court of An Tir as they hand the safekeeping of the Barony to Their Royal Majesties. Upon reaching Their Majesties presence, the populace will be released from service with appreciation.

His Lordship Bryson and Duchess Angharad would then invite the people of Aquaterra to accompany them into the Royal Court as they receive the care of the Barony from Their Royal Majesties.

All of the populace are encouraged to bring their banners for both processionals! Please contact Baroness Elewyn at Coronation for details on when and where to gather. She will be in the Aquaterra encampment.

In Service,
Their Excellencies Baron Steinolf and Baroness Sinedin
Their Excellencies Bryson and Angharad

Seneschal – Vacation


I will be attending An Tir West War, so please copy in my Contingency Deputy, Dame Rosamund, at if you have any questions before my return on Sunday.

Have a safe and beautiful Independence Day!

In service,
Lady Sabina di Zorzi
Barony of Aquaterra

Aquaterra needs new chairs

Greetings unto the artisans of Aquaterra

The Barony of Aquaterra is in need of new Thrones for the Baron and Baroness as vile bandits made off with the old ones! The requirements are for period style chairs that incorporate the Aquaterra Device. They must also be easily portable by one person. The bid must include a detailed cost, an image depicting the proposed chairs if possible, and/or a clear and detailed description including any deviations from included images. Bids must be submitted by July 28 and a copy needs to be sent to the following email addresses:, and

In Service,
Baron Steinolf and Baroness Sineidin

Business meeting

Greetings all,

As we mentioned at the Meet & Greets, we will arrive by 6:00pm for the Business Meeting tomorrow night, if anyone would like to chat with us about anything. Or just come visit with us.

In Service,
Baronial Heirs Bryson & Angharad

Aquaterra’s Business Meeting June 30th


After that highly busy, yet very enjoyable weekend out at Boars Hunt/All Champions, I already miss you all! Please join me tomorrow night at 7pm for Aquaterra’s Business Meeting, being held at Denny’s on 128th in Everett! Everyone is welcome, so come meet the officers, hear the reports of what everyone has been up to, find out more about volunteer opportunities, learn how events are run, and ask questions that you have been curious about.

Anyone interested in learning more about applying for the Seneschal or Exchequer positions, please feel welcome join us for the meeting and let us know you are interested so we can set up some time to talk more!

Officers and Event Stewards, if you are not going to be able to make it, please e-mail me your reports by 10am tomorrow, 6/30, so they have time to make it into the minutes. Please consider bringing up collaboration ideas so we can work together to get the most out of our efforts in this game!

Would you like to be added to the agenda? Please let me know by 10 am tomorrow, 6/30.

Tuesday, June 30th at 7pm
132 128th St SW
Everett, WA 98204

I hope to see you all there!

In service,

Lady Sabina di Zorzi
Barony of Aquaterra

Games championship thoughts

All in all the games championship went OK. However, I learned a few things that I wanted to put in a post mortem.

Please read the following as criticism of myself. The contestants in the championship bent over backwards to make this happen the way I thought it should go. I think people had fun, but I have to be beaten over the head again and again to make sure that everyone should have fun.

A failing I have (one of many) is the rule is law. Once written down, I ridiculously believe it cannot be varied or all hell breaks loose. This is almost never true, especially with games. I work hard to stop me from thinking like this, but I always seem to fail. I could have done better.

  • Circumstances must take precedence over written rules. I should have canceled the Quoits portion of the championship when I saw how hot it was.
  • We should have only one 1:1 game. Both Quoits and Backgammon had to be played 1:1, so it meant one contestant had to watch while others played. Group games were more enjoyable.
  • Children games have to be playable by adults! . Knucklebones is also known as Jacks. I remember this game as being relatively easy to do when I was 14 or 15. For the age of the contestants, we ended up only going to 3 jacks (instead of 5) because we had a hard enough time at one and two jacks!
  • We should only have had three games instead of four. I kept worrying that we would still be playing at midnight. As it was, we ended the championship 30 minutes before evening court.
  • We must come up with a way to let the populace compete in these championships without the allowing them to become the games champion. That is, if Lord SuchAndSo comes to the gaming tent and sees people competing, we should not turn them away if they didn’t send an intent. We can’t let them win the championship, of course, but letting them try to win against the contestants will make it more fun for everyone. Think of the man off the street who comes into a chess club. They aren’t turned away in order to get them hooked on chess.

I would really like to see if there is a way to encourage a younger audience in the games championship. The average age of contestants this year was 50+. For championship next year, I would love to see one or more YAC or recent YAC graduates compete to bring some fresh blood into the games championship. After all, gamesmanship is one of the attributes of a knight.

I most especially want to thank Eibhlin inghean Sheain for her great help in editing my rules drafts. Without her help, this would never have been as fun as it was.

Upcoming AQ Events

Tue 07

Social Night

July 7 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Fri 10
Sat 11

Heavy Fight Practice

July 11 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Sat 11

Madrone Equestrian Guild Practice

July 11 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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