Barony of Aquaterra

North Sound Sergeantry Trials and Sable Rose Tournaments!

Fighting at Seargeantry Trials

Come one and all to witness the North Sound Sergeantry Trials and Sable Rose Tournaments, August 22-24, 2014! The Baronies of Aquaterra, Madrone and Wyewood and the Shire of Midhaven have come together to present Sergeantry Trials and York Rounds on Saturday, and the Sable Rose Emprise Equestrian Challenge, Rapier Prize Tourney, and Youth Armored Combat Competition on Sunday.  We invite the populace to observe and cheer on those of our Sergeantry Candidates who would seek the honor and responsibility of achieving membership in the Order, or enjoy the many diversions offered.

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Welcome to Aquaterra

Warm greetings to friends and visitors! We, the gentle populace of Aquaterra, invite you to come and explore our enchanted land of water, mountains and meadows. Share in the camaraderie of delightful music and dance, games, fine food and brews, chivalrous combat, and all things medieval. We re-enact the Middle Ages as they should have been. Peruse these pages for activities, meetings and events.

Reminders! Business meeting, open offices, and quarterly reports

Good afternoon!
Please remember that July’s business meeting is tomorrow night at Denny’s on 128th in Everett at 7pm.  We will be accepting bids for Yule and announcing what other bids we are looking for, going over the recent large purchase of a new pavilion, and more! Calendar
Also!  Please remember we are looking for those interested in the Exchequer and Scribe positions!  Come on in and ask questions if you have them, or just see what the Exchequer does at the business meetings. Job Descriptions
Officers – the month is almost over and I have not seen that many reports come through.  Please send me a copy of you report as you send it in to Kingdom so I know that it has been handled!
In service,
Lady Sabina di Zorzi
Barony of Aquaterra

Official Heavy Fight Practice – New Location

Unto the Populace of Aquaterra and An Tir:

I am pleased to announce that we have found a new OFFICIAL practice location.  Practices will be Saturdays, from 1-4pm, that do not conflict with Crown events or Local(Baronial) events. The site is large and covered, with an additional open field for war practices.  There is ample parking. All martial melee activities will be allowed. Rapier and YAC scheduling will be at the discretion of the respective officers.  Please contact or for details regarding practice schedules for those particular formats.

 The location is  (insert drum roll):

Evergreen Middle School
7621 Beverly Ln
Everett, WA 98203

I hope to see many friends, old and new, at our new site.  Thank you, again, for your patience while we ironed out the legalese.


Styrr Óláfsson

Styrr Óláfsson
Per pale gules and sable, a bird migrant within a serpent involved Or all within an orle argent.

Officers! Second Quarter Reports are due soon!

This is just your friendly reminder!  Please copy me in when you send your reports in!

In service,

Lady Sabina di Zorzi
Barony of Aquaterra

New Baronial Pavilion Complete!

Our New Pavillion
Our New Pavillion

Our Glorious New Pavillion

Aquaterrans, your new home-away-from-home is finished!  It will be ready for occupation come this weekend at July Coronation.  Based on the same color theme as our former shelter, this new Pavilion is an elegantly engineered upgrade.

Next time you stash your gear, rest in its shade, or just stop in for a quick bite from the Hospitality Table, you’ll have these hardy souls to thank for twining the ropes, helping His Excellency forge about 50 stakes, and sanding, sanding, sanding the perimeter and center poles on what proved a rather warm Saturday:

  • Sebastian Von Atterdorff
  • Myrun Bjornsdottir
  • Daene Lonewolf
  • Sabina di Zorzi
  • Kitsume Daigo, husband Geoff and son Riley
  • Talaria of Boar Clan

Thank you so much – this project would have been impossible without you!

Baroness Sineidin inghean an Bhiadtaigh

Sinéidin inghean an Bhiadhtaigh Per pale vert and sable, a natural tiger rampant argent marked sable winged argent and in chief a county coronet Or.

Immediate Job Opening: Exchequer

Good afternoon,

Now that we have had some time to digest the sad news of HL Isabel’sIsabel of Oxeneford resignation, I need to reach out to the populace and implore you to consider stepping into this difficult position (Job Description).  We do have support for you as HL Elewyn verch Emrys has graciously offered to train the new Exchequer and HL Marguerite fitz WilliamMarguerite fitz William, JdL has offered to be the book deputy, keeping the books up to date and auditing things like gate.  This means that you would have a team to help you learn all of the job duties as well as ongoing support once taking over the position.

In the meantime, Elewyn, as Contingency Exchequer, will be the Interim Exchequer, but as we are taking her away from other obligations coming up outside of this position, we would like to let her get back to those as soon as possible.

For a description of this position, please go to  Remember that you can have deputies to help with these duties, such as Marguerite’s offer to be book deputy.  If interested or willing, please e-mail Their Excellencies ( &, Elewyn (, and myself (

Thank you, Isabel, for the hard work you put in during your time in office, as you did a great deal to clean up our budget for this year among other things, but we fully support you on your new path and hope it finds you the happiness you deserve.  Also, thank you to both Elewyn and Marguerite for helping the barony in our time of need.

In service,

Lady Sabina di Zorzi
Barony of Aquaterra


Medieval Games Day Today!

Come in out of the heat and enjoy some cold ice cream and beer and of course games!!

We are changing venues this month to:
Around the Table Game Pub
7600 196th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Time: 1pm-5pm
Eibhlin inghean Sheain
Games Minister
Barony of Aquaterra

Beautiful Murmurs

The Murmurs

The Murmurs

We have the latest edition of the Murmurs available for viewing. And you should definitely view it, it’s gorgeous!

Beginning Recorder Class

We are forming a beginning recorder class in Aquaterra.

This class will meet twice a month with the goal of learning to play either a soprano or alto recorder and perform period music as a group.

You do not need to have previous experience with a musical instrument as we will start with the basics.

The first class will be on Thursday July 31 at 6 P.M.

If you are interested please respond or contact Nigel Compton to get on the list.

If you don’t already own a recorder I can make a suggestion for a good beginner instrument that is fairly inexpensive ($20-$30 range).

 -Nigel Compton

Nigel Compton
Per chevron azure and Or, three quavers counterchanged.

AQ Costumer’s Guild – Aug 2

Greetings all,

The next Costumer’s Guild gathering will be Saturday August 2nd from 11am-4pm.  We will be meeting at the Main Branch of the Everett Library  (2702 Hoyt Avenue) in the Activities Center on the main floor (located in the back corner of the Children’s section).

There will be tables and chairs already available, so all you need to bring is your sewing projects and machines (and an extension cord).

Hope to see you there.

Yvette du Coeur

Head of Costumer’s Guild, Barony of Aquaterra
Chamberlain, Barony of Aquaterra

Yvette du Coeur
Per fess purpure and vert, on a heart argent in pale a triquetra vert and a triquetra inverted purpure conjoined.

Time to Prep for Stanwood Fair Demo – Aug 2-3!

I have (at last!)  heard from the Fairgrounds on our role in the Stanwood Fair this year.  This is a fun, energetic, hometown community Fair run by volunteers.

This year due to a late start on their end, we are not going to be obligated for the Friday afternoon equestrian and fighting demo, which proved challenging around work schedules anyway. We’ll hope for another shot at it in 2015.

Instead, let’s add more demos of other kinds, and include roving chatelaines: folks dressed in their SCA finest to walk the crowds and hand out leaflets on the SCA and Aquaterra!  I also spoke with some folks about including fencing as well as the YAC demo in our eric space - that would be an awesome new element.

If you would like to demonstrate your skills or strut your personna in public, please reply with 1) your modern name 2) SCA name 3) contact information,  4) how much space you need for your demo including table, 5) what you’ll be demonstrating, 6) days and hrs you can commit to.  We have limited space - please include whether there’s room on your table for others, or you can fit on someone else’s. 

  Demo & display suggestions:

  • We need period tents – room for 3-4 depending on size
  • Archery & thrown weapons display
  • Fencers, marshals and folks on the sidelines to explain the equip and tactics – a static display would also be welcome
  • “Try On Armor” manned display – very popular last year with the kids (yeah, my armor fit them perfectly LOL!)
  • Weaving, spinning, carding, etc.
  • Painting (prepare for breezes)
  • Leatherworking
  • Book binding or other practical arts
  • Costume display
  • Roving SCAdians
  • Got a fabulous idea?  Please share!


  • Prepare to take down your precious items and clothing for safe-keeping overnight Saturday.
  • Tents will be set up Thursday night and left closed until set up Saturday.
  • Prepare in case of rain and wind – we aim to set up display space under cover just in case.
  • We will arrange for parking and gate passes.
  • There is a back gate for driving to demo site; we’ll all pitch in if you have to hand-carry.
  • Chalkboard signs will be used to announce demos that day & times; some smaller signs to label display booths
  • Lots of food merchants on site – though some may call it “nutrient light.”
  • Hydrate!

PLEASE RSVP – I need a headcount please for gate pass bracelets and a list of names for the gate personnel.

Many of you have already contacted me through the year with your offer to volunteer and participate – thank you!  If we haven’t spoken in awhile, kindly confirm your commitment at this time.

Baroness Sineidin inghean an Bhiadtaigh

Sinéidin inghean an Bhiadhtaigh
Per pale vert and sable, a natural tiger rampant argent marked sable winged argent and in chief a county coronet Or.

Upcoming Events

  1. Business Meeting

    July 29 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  2. Sergeantry Training

    July 30 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  3. Quarterly Reports Due

    July 31
  4. Alternate Thrown Weapons Practice

    July 31 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  5. Beginning Recorder Class

    July 31 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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