Barony of Aquaterra

Banner War 2014

Banner War 2013

Mark Your Calendar: September 19 – 21, 2014

As the summer begins, there has been a note of some unrest between the houses of Aquaterra and her surrounding areas. So, before discordant words become villainous deeds; I invite all houses to the Masonic Park on the weekend of September 19th. There we can rightly judge the prowess of each house based of the following categories:

  • House Stewardship and Activities That Support the Running of a Household
  • House Marshalsea and Activities That Support the Defending of a Household
  • Armoured and Rapier Scenarios; Archery and Thrown Weapons Contests and the traditional YAC torchlight tourney!
  • House Artisans and Activities That Support Creation and Beautification of a Household
  • House Attaché and Activities That Support the Ambassadorship of a Household

In addition to the traditional and popular Banner War contests, this year will also include interdisciplinary challenges that will encompass the various aspects of a household in a… troubled time. In so doing, I challenge each of the houses to foster all interests of our society in order to form a Complete House. Gather your house, bring your banner and we will see you in September!
Contests, Challenges and Activities to Prepare for.

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Welcome to Aquaterra

Warm greetings to friends and visitors! We, the gentle populace of Aquaterra, invite you to come and explore our enchanted land of water, mountains and meadows. Share in the camaraderie of delightful music and dance, games, fine food and brews, chivalrous combat, and all things medieval. We re-enact the Middle Ages as they should have been. Peruse these pages for activities, meetings and events.

AQ Culinary Guild meeting Tuesday 16 September

The AQ Culinary Guild meeting will be held today, Tuesday September 16 from 6-9 PM (view calendar), at my house in Lake Stevens (directions below).
Everyone is welcome, the Culinary Guild meetings are open to all, cooks or not. Even if you have no interest in cooking, we still need people to eat what we make! If you are under 18 you need to bring a parent.
 I suggest you have a light supper before, but save room to taste what we make.  If you have a favorite period dish you wish to bring to share, or a recipe you want to learn how to cook here, please do! Please bring your own favorite beverage.
If you have any questions please contact me! Look forward to seeing you all Tuesday.


Baroness Fiamma
AQ Culinary Guild
(contact information on the Reeds)

Directions to my house:
>From  I-5 north or south take Hwy. 2  east (Snohomish); take the Lake Stevens exit, Hwy. 204;
at the third light turn left onto Hwy. 9 (north); at the next light turn right (east) onto Lundeen parkway;
there are now 2 roundabouts, yield to traffic in the circle, go around the second one until you are going north onto Callow Road.
My house # is 2425, about 7 houses up on the right, lots of trees in the yard. The driveway is just beyond  the power pole.  Look for the SCA sign and the house number (2425) painted on the driveway. Please use caution coming up the driveway, or the sidewalk. The drive goes up the hill to a large garage, (old travel trailer, my little blue car) There are stairs back down to the back door. Come on in!
There is also some parking  directly across the street. Please do not park in front of the neighbors mailboxes though!
Remember: “Period Food is Yummy!”

Preparing for Banner War – Non-War Activities

Ladies Tea

Greetings unto the Ladies attending Banner War!

You are cordially invited to the 2nd Annual Ladies Tea. Take a girlie break from the war, and enjoy the provided teas and light refreshments with Her Excellency Sineidin. Please bring your own tea cup. Tea will take place at the Peterson Hall on Saturday afternoon.

Please see site copy for time.

Seating is limited so please RSVP HL Kalta Mani at gothicvelvet at, or if you’d like to help with set up, clean up, or treat making beforehand.


We have a fine gathering of merchants for your end of summer season needs.

Here is the list of confirmed merchants so far:

The Blackend Buzzard            Burnt Village Wares

The Creativity Works               Gunga Jen’s Designs

Hawk and Dove leather           The Iron Feather

The Kneadery                          Magickal Stone

Norse Gypsy Forge                  Redwolf

Silverthorne Crafts                  Talon Garr

Temple Caffiena Coffee

Open Tavern

Our Offering of Food, Fun and Entertainment at Banner War

Greetings Households of Banner War,

Come and join us at the Open Tavern in Peterson Hall on Saturday Night 7p – 9p

There will be food! (so please bring your feast gear)

There is no charge for the Buffet – but donations $ or in potluck contribution (please Provide a complete ingredient list) to help cover costs would be welcome.

Please note: the Buffet is first come first served

There will be challenges – which you will get to enjoy and vote on.


Siege Cooking Contest – entries will be part of the Buffet

Bardic Challenge – be entertained by the bards and their challenge

Largess Challenge – look at the talent of the artisans of the households

Judging: Each person attending the tavern (including entrants) will receive a coin (Bardic), nut (Siege Cooking) and a bead (Largess), which they may award to the entry of their choice. Don’t worry about remembering this – voting process will be posted.

Winners: The entry’s with the most voting pieces awarded wins. In the event of a tie the judge(s) will set a challenge to break the tie.

If you have any questions please contact the Tavern Host: HL Adeliza a Donyng (

Preparing for Banner War – General Information

General Schedule


12pm – SCA Gate opens to Merchants Only

3pm – SCA Gate opens* to General Populous

12am – Gate Closes*


8am – Gate Opens*

9am- Opening Court

1030am – War Activities Begin (Please check site copy for specific details)

3pm – Ladies Tea

6pm – Gate Closes*

6pm – YAC Torchlight Tourney

7pm – Memorial for Baron Little Bear – Hosted by the Canton of Bearwood

7pm – Open Tavern


11a – Closing Court

5p – Site Closes

There is No SCA gate on Sunday; you will need to pay the Masons directly at their rate.

*Note: that when the gate is closed, the site is physically closed. Please arrive during gate hours only.  Do not drive past the Masons gate if it is not opened for you.

Site Rules

  • Please bring your own firewood as the park has been wiped clean recently. Do not cut any tree on site or the entire Society will be banned from the site. Fires are allowed in fire pits only.
  • No Dumpster available – this event is a PACK IN/PACK OUT. (This is how we are able to afford allowing children 15 and under to come in for free.)
  • Dogs with current vaccinations okay, on leash and accompanied by its pet person at all times. Please clean up after them immediately.
  • Site is discretely wet.
  • RVs must not be parked in the main activities area.
  • “In regards to marijuana laws, all SCA participants should follow modern law, both State and Federal. As it is still illegal under Federal law, marijuana is prohibited at SCA functions.  Jan 2013 Board Meeting.”
  • Smoking is limited to your encampment only.
  • Limited electricity hook-up available for a charge, please pay directly to the Masons.

Storage run for Banner War

Storage run for Banner War is Wednesday  night at 7. Please let me know if your are coming so I watch for you‎. If you need something from storage and can not make it Wednesday please send someone else to pick up. Return run will be the following Monday at 7. Adeliza (phone number posted to Reeds)

Siege Cooking at Banner War

Show off your houses generosity and culinary skill. Households bringing more than one dish to the tavern will get extra kudos from the tavern host . Choose your best dish to be judged and get extra notice from the host for others you bring. Please be sure to have an ingredients list. Thank you. The Autocrat Team

Preparing for Banner War – Shopping!

Banner War Merchant Steward sends Greetings!

Don’t leave your coffers at home!  Let it be known that we will be having many merchants at Banner War this year to aid you in your preparations for War!  Also, don’t forget it is the last shopping event of the season before the holidays, so remember to bring something home from the war for your loved ones!  Here is the list of confirmed merchants so far:

Merchant Name Wares
The Blackend Buzzard the SCA roving garage sale
Burnt Village Wares weapons, furs, books, misc. items
The Creativity Works Clothing and Accessories for adult and child alike
Da Toy Lady toys /
Gunga Jen’s Designs hand-tooled leather pouches, decorated stuffed animal costuming, and books by Darragh Metzger
Hawk and Dove leather leather pouches, cups, horn holders, belts
The Iron Feather feast gear, toys, furniture, horns, beads, circlets
The Kneadery massage and bodywork.
Magickal Stone Tarot, jewelry, incense, candles, etc.
Norse Gypsy Forge chain mail jewelry, drinking horns, belly dancing items (hop scarves and bells), feast gear and such
Redwolf jewelry, pins, circlets, etc.
Silverthorne Crafts chainmail jewelry, toys, viking drinking horns, etc.
Talon Garr Selling high quality feasting gear & some leather goods
Temple Caffiena Coffee – Will be in loud camping section

In anticipation of an excellent event,

Lady Sabina di Zorzi
Merchant Steward
Banner War 2014

September Costumer’s Guild

The Sept gathering of the AQ Costumer’s Guild is cancelled. The October gathering will still happen.

Yvette du Coeur

Yvette du Coeur
Head of Costumer’s Guild, Barony of Aquaterra
Chamberlain, Barony of Aquaterra

Volunteers Needed for Gate for Banner War

I Want YOU for Aquaterra

Aquaterra needs YOUR help. Come volunteer!

To all households and others attending Banner War

The gate needs volunteers from 12 noon Friday thru midnite.
Saturday – 8am to 6pm.

Notify me at or call me at 425-355-3826, as to the time that you want to work. Your donation of just two hours will help the Barony and your household.

I will be keeping a roster by SCA name, hours worked, and household for the war point.

Master Robyrt
Baronial gate deputy

Master Robyrt of Watersyde
Per fess wavy azure and barry wavy argent and azure in chief a mullet of eight points and an increscent Or.

Preparing for Banner War – Part 4: Stewardship Activities

Aquaterra's missing chairs and tables

-Your Event Steward Team-

Preparing for Banner War – Part 3: Artisan Activities

Ursulmas Largess

Below please find information about Banner War Artisan Challenges

In the spirit of fairness, any judge or coordinator is ineligible from winning the challenge they are in charge of.

– Your Banner War Event Team -

Upcoming AQ Events

  1. Culinary/Brewers Guild Meeting

    September 16 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    |Recurring Event (See all)
    Every month on the third Tuesday
  2. AQ Knit Night

    September 17 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    |Recurring Event (See all)
    Every month on the third Wednesday, recurring 2 times
  3. Banner War Storage Run

    September 17 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  4. Alternate Thrown Weapons Practice

    September 18 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    |Recurring Event (See all)
    Every week
  5. Banner War

    September 19 @ 8:00 am - September 21 @ 5:00 pm

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